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Through this policy, Barcelona chocolate tours S.L.U. comprehensively informs you on what “cookies” are, what type of cookies this website uses, how you can deactivate them on your browser and how you can block the installation of third party cookies.


Cookies are files that are installed on the user’s device (computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, etc.) automatically when browsing the Internet to allow the web pages that you visit to store and recover information on your browsing habits or on your device and, depending on the information obtained, they can be used to recognize the user and personalize and improve the service offered.


Depending on which type of entity manages the domain from where the cookies are sent and which processes the data obtained, two types can be identified: own cookies and third party cookies.

There is also a second category according to the time frame in which they remain stored on the client’s browser; session cookies or persistent cookies.

Lastly, there is another category with five types of cookies according to the purpose for which they process the data obtained.

  • “Technical Cookies”: These allow the user to browse a web page, platform or application and use the different options or services on it, for example, to control the traffic and communication of data, to identify the session, to access areas of restricted access, to remember items of an order, to purchase an order, to request registration or participation in an event, to use security elements while browsing, to store content for the distribution of videos or sound or to share content via social networks.
  • “Personalization Cookies”: These allow the user to access the service with predefined general features according to a series of criteria at the user terminal for example language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed, the regional settings from where the service is accessed, etc.
  • “Analysis Cookies”: Either processed by ourselves or by third parties, these allow us to quantify the number of users and thus measure and analyze the statistics of use that the users make of the service offered. For this their browsing on our web page is analyzed in order to improve the range of products and services we offer.
  • “Advertising Cookies”: Either processed by ourselves or by third parties, these allow us to manage as efficiently as possible the range of adversing spaces on the web page, adapting the content of the advert to the content of the requested service or to the use made of our web page. For this we can analyze the browsing habits and we can show you adverts related to your browsing profile.
  • “Behavioral advertising Cookies”: These allow the management, as efficiently as possible, of the advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the editor has included in a web page, application or platform from which the requested service is offered. These cookies store behavioral information on the users obtained through continued observation of their browsing habits, which allows a specific profile to be developed to show advertising according to the same.
  • “Third Party Cookies”: Web sites can use third party cookies that, on behalf of the domain owner, generally compile information on use for statistical and analytical purposes.


This web site includes or can include functions provided by third parties, such as multimedia services from Vimeo and YouTube to include videos on our web page, map services offered by Google Maps or social buttons to share our content.

This web site also uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • To ensure the correct functioning of the web site.
  • To store your user preferences, such as the language you have selected or the size of the font.
  • To understand the browsing experience of the user.
  • To anonymously compile statistical information, such as which pages you have visited or how much time you spent on the web site.

The cookies used are:


Through web analytics we do not obtain information on your name, surname or your email or postal address. The information that we obtain relates to the number of users who access the web site, the number of pages visited, the frequency and repetition of the visits, their duration, the browser that you use, the operator who provides your service, your language, the terminal you use or the city to which your IP address is assigned. We use the Google Analytics service, a web analytics service developed by Google, which provides a measurement and analysis service for browsing our web page. Google can use the data to improve its services and to offer services to other companies. More information at

Social platforms

This web site or any of its pages can contain third party pixels that allow it to show you adverts that may be more useful to you on different social platforms. You can find out more on the pages of each one of these services:

In any case, Barcelona chocolate tours S.L.U. is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of the third party components included in this web site.


When you browse our web site you are providing your consent to the use of cookies.


It is possible to reject the use of cookies on your browser, or to reject the use of cookies on a particular service. In this sense, you can restrict, block or delete the cookies of this web page from your browser. The operation is different on each browser, the ‘Help’ function will show you how to do it.

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Some functions and services can remain deactivated or behave differently than expected. If you deactivate the use of Cookies on this web site it is likely that you will no longer be able to access certain areas of the same or that your browsing experience of the same will be noticeably less enjoyable.


Barcelona chocolate tours S.L.U. Will modify this Cookies Policy according to legal changes and also to adapt it to the recommendations of the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos and the resolutions that regarding cookies may be issued by the Courts.