Barcelona Chocolate tours awakes the curiosity of some media, like our newspaper El Periodico. One of the journalist, called us some weeks ago and asked: may you please explain me what does it mean the name of your company Barcelona chocolate tours? and I said to her: well, easy: take a look in the city of Barcelona during a walking tour and on the way, visit different pastry and chocolates shops, take a break, sit and taste different chocolate creations. A very easy and sweet way, to visit our mediterranean city.

Our slogan has always been: Taste, learn and have fun and during almost now 6 years, we are still been committed with it.



Chocolate ¨Tours¨

“Barcelona Chocolate Tours  organize delicious routes.  You walk and eat equally…

OnBarcelona, ElPeriodico de Cataluña

During our chocolate tour with our clients from Germany, Anissa and Alex, they have been the protagonists for the newspaper article in El Periodico. We began the old town chocolate tour at the Museo del chocolate Barcelona, giving an introduction of the cocoa origins, how we produced the chocolate today and the relationship between Barcelona and the chocolate.

At the same time, we already made at the Museum a kind of introduction, how to taste different chocolate bars, with different percentages of cocoa. Next, we visit a first chocolate shop, La Xocolateria by Oriol Balaguer. What we do here with our clients, Anissa and Alex, taste different bonbons, from the colecttion Habas del cacao created by Oriol Balaguer. Trying to find out, what is inside of every chocolate, fruits, flavours and also the percentage of cocoa. Always, we accompany the chocolate tasting with water, in order to clean our palate and be ready to taste the next chocolate. Once, we finish here, we visit a second shop in the old town and we do the same again, but with different kind of chocolates and just a little less quantity. We finish, this old town private chocolate tour, in a very famous shop, tasting the chocolate cake, that it has been, during year 2005 the best chocolate cake in the world. As, our clients, booked the modality of private tour, we have customized it for them and we have prepare an special moment for Alex ,that it has been his birthday. With chocolate, champagne and good vibrations finish our special chocolate tour for Anissa and Alex. Our journalist and photograpfers, also enjoyed this chocolate tour, not only getting a good information for the next article, as well tasting some of the chocolates and drinking a glass of cOhampagne. Cheers!!!!